Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who determines rent for my property?

A: Ultimately, the market determines the rental amount for your property and it is our job to provide you with good, reliable market information regarding market rent rates. As such, we will always recommend market pricing to you but we allow our clients to choose the price point.

Q: How long will it take to rent my property?

A: Depends on current market price point, amenities, location, etc. We will discuss market conditions of your specific area when determining the price point. Factors to consider: current market supply and demand, season, time of month property is listed.

Q: Who pays for any maintenance that needs to be done on my property?

A: Unless the tenant is responsible for damage or is negligent with regards to property maintenance, then owners bear the financial responsibility of paying for repairs.

Q: Why should I choose BHB Property Management to manage my property/properties?

A: If you are looking for the best value in residential property management, you have found it! With a service offering that is as comprehensive as any in the market combined with the most cost-effective solution you will find anywhere, moving forward with BHB Property Management is a decision you, and your checkbook, will thank you!